Intro to Ninja

(Required Class before attending any Open Gym)

Our Intro class will give you one hour of instruction on the proper techniques and safety procedures needed to become a Ninja Warrior. Learn the classic obstacles such as; The Warped Wall, Salmon Ladder, Spider Wall, and Quintuple Steps just to name a few. After instruction, you will have 30 minutes of free time to test your skills. You can even compete against your friends on our head to head obstacle course.
Come see if you have what it takes to be the next American Ninja Warrior or American Ninja Warrior Junior!

Open Gym

*Intro to Ninja Class is a prerequisite before attending Open Gym

Open gym time is offered so you can practice the skills you have learned in our Intro to Ninja Class.
Challenge your friends on the Ninja Vs. Ninja head to head obstacle course.
Here you will be able to Beat the Wall, climb the Spider Wall, dominate the Salmon Ladder, test your balance skills on the Quintuple Steps and so much more!
Ninja Training is a great way for ALL ages to challenge each other to be fit and have fun together!
You can do it all at Ninja Life!

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