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Kids Ninja Warrior After-School Program

At Ninja Life, one of our goals is to offer a broad youth program. One of which will be a structured after school program. This program will provide transportation from select schools to our facility. Once there, there will be a period of time that the students can work on homework (if part of a homework contract) prior to engaging in any gym activities.

The gym activities will not only be physical but educational as well. Here at Ninja Life we have several goals for this program. On a daily basis we will not only spend time on various parts of the obstacle course, but also talk about and teach them the individual muscles, how they work, how to warm up and prevent injury. We will also be discussing proper nutrition and why it's so important not only for the body but the mind as well. They will also learn sportsmanship, respect, and the importance of their choices.

We want your child to gain strength both mentally and physically. We will work with them to set personal goals and help them achieve those goals. I personally believe that with strong physical and mental health our youth will make better choices and ultimately improve their day-to-day life.

-Scott Fredrickson, Owner

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