Our History

When I first started thinking about opening a ninja warrior gym, it was purely due to the excitement and love of the sport. As ideas, concepts and time moved on, plans changed. I decided that I wanted to do this for the kids and for various reasons. Several years ago, I worked with groups of troubled teens and foster kids. During this time I learned a lot about the types of issues that children are faced with and how they dealt with those issues. Unfortunately these issues may be in public, in sports, in school, or even at home. It seems that growing up these days can be more difficult than what it once was. Therefore, I strongly believe that our youth need to be as strong as they can be, both body and mind. So it became my vision to take what I know and have learned and apply it to a youth group that is willing to participate and give their best effort. With that effort, and the help of our structured youth program, they will become stronger in many ways.